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                             ABC-CLIO’s academic databases connect students with resources for
                             academic research that goes beyond basic comprehension to analyze
                             trends, investigate questions, and generate new knowledge.

                             Digital database features include:

                                        Thousands of primary and secondary sources lending voice and
                                        context to events, experiences, and perspectives throughout history

                                             Scholarly articles delving into complex and enduring questions across
                                             the humanities, including both historical and modern-day issues

                                             Unmatched depth and breadth of coverage in more than a dozen
                                             subject areas, from American History to Religious Studies

                                                  Advanced search, save, and citation tools for targeted
                                                  academic research

          ACADEMIC                    American Government             The African American Experience
        DATABASES                     American History                The American Indian Experience
                                      Daily Life through History      The Asian American Experience - NEW!
                                      Issues                          The Latino American Experience

                                      Modern Genocide                 World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras
                                      Pop Culture Universe            World History: The Modern Era
                                      World Geography                 World Religions
                                      World at War

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