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                                             MANAGEMENT                       SUBJECTMAIN1 / SUBJECTSUB1

             COMING SOON
            Crash Course in
            Collection Development


            The revised third edition of this concise

            introduction to collection development
            offers up-to-date information for a wide
            variety of librarians.

            The third edition of Crash Course for Collection Development is a must-
            have for librarians just entering the field and professionals in need of a
            refresher in effective library operations. It now covers all aspects of collection   April 2023, 172pp, 7x10
            development and management in all library environments including public,   Paperback: 978-1-4408-8043-8
            academic, and school libraries.                                $55.00, £41.00, €48,00
                                                                           eBook: 978-1-4408-8044-5
            Focusing on collection development basics, it begins with information on
            gathering statistics and analyzing community needs to design a collection
            that meets user needs. It goes on to guide users in writing a collection   SAMPLE T OPICS
            development policy, budgeting, selecting materials, managing vendor   •  Collection   •  Community Analysis
            relations, understanding the publishing industry, merchandising and               •  Digital Collections
            promoting the collection, and handling complaints.             •  Collection      •  Materials Selection
                                                                             Budgeting        •  Nontraditional
            Newly included in the third edition is a discussion of new purchasing and   •  Collection   Collections
            lending models; information for academic and school librarians; and such   Development
            new trends as libraries as spaces for users, collection diversity issues,   •  Collection Diversity  •  Purchasing Models
            makerspaces, nontraditional collections, pop-up libraries, the digital divide,   •  Collection
            and noncirculating collections.                                  Evaluation
            Author Wayne Disher has once again written a practical and simple
            introduction to an important, complex, and evolving area of library service.
                                                                           WAYNE DISHER  is a retired public library director
            FEATURES                                                       for the City of Hemet Public Library.
            •  Provides a practical introduction to collection development
              and management
            •  Covers the entire process of collection development, from community
              analysis, writing policy, and selection to promoting the collection and
              dealing with challenges
            •  Addresses current trends and rapidly evolving changes in the field, such as
              diversity issues, makerspaces, nontraditional collections, pop-up libraries,
              and the digital divide

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