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                        ADULT SERVICES AND PROGRAMS

                                                        COMING SOON
                                                       Library Programs

                                                       and Services

                                                       The Fundamentals

                                                       9TH EDITION | STACEY GREENWELL WITH G. EDWARD EVANS

                                                       Continues the title’s strong tradition
                                                       of coverage of a wide range of public
                                                       services with emphasis on current trends
                                                       in library services.

                                                       The ninth edition of Library Programs and Services: The Fundamentals builds
            April 2023, 360pp, 7x10
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7998-2               on the strong foundation of the previous editions. Award-winning and widely
            $95.00, £71.00, €82,00                     published author G. Edward Evans returns with a new co-author, Stacey
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7870-1                   Greenwell, in this update that combines their signature style of textbook
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7869-5               readability, informality, and sometimes humor, as well as their knack for
            $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
                                                       balancing foundational topics and new trends.
                                                       A new feature in the ninth edition is the incorporation of the concept of
            SAMPLE T OPICS
                                                       “library social work” through “Social Work Connections” sidebars in each
            •  Access Services  •  Online and Physical   chapter. Anecdotes throughout the text and “Career Connection” sidebars
            •  Customer Service  Collections           offer practical advice and specific current examples. Greenwell and Evans
            •  Instructional   •  Public Services      have combined several chapters from the previous edition and expanded
              Services         •  Reference Services   discussions of new trends while retaining and updating the fundamentals.
            •  Library as Place  •  Staffing           The ninth edition is a welcome update for library and information science
            •  Library Programs  •  Technology Services  courses and a valuable handbook for public services librarians.

                                                       •  The ninth edition includes updates throughout, anecdotes, career tips, and
            STACEY GREENWELL , EdD, is the coordinator   references to “library social work” in each chapter
            of educational services and an instructional   •  This popular textbook covers a wide range of services in all types of libraries
            designer at the University of Kentucky Libraries,   •  Works as a handbook for public service librarians
            and she provides liaison support to the School
            of Information Science and the Lewis
            Honors College.
            G. EDWARD EVANS , PhD, is a semi-retired,
            award-winning author and Fulbright Scholar. He
            retired from full-time work as associate academic
            vice president for libraries and information
            resources at Loyola Marymount University.

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