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                                          AND LEADERSHIP

             COMING SOON
            The School Library Manager

            Leading through Change

            AND APRIL M. DAWKINS

            Learn how to manage a school library—even
            when facing challenges like budget cuts,

            reduced staffing, and distance learning.

            In an era of budget cuts, reduced staffing, and a global pandemic, it’s
            more important than ever for new LIS professionals and established school
            librarians and administrators to demonstrate the value of school libraries
            to decision makers.                                            May 2023, 340pp, 7x10
                                                                           Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7999-9
            This revised and updated edition of a classic text adds two well-known   $95.00, £71.00, €82,00
            authors to help lead readers through the many essential management tasks   eBook: 978-1-4408-7930-2
            and skills required to administer the successful school library program. It   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7929-6
            emphasizes the importance of the school librarian in providing digital access   $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
            to information for teachers and students, describes how facilities are being
            modified to accommodate new resources and programming, and offers new   SAMPLE T OPICS
            ways to use AASL standards to evaluate programs.               •  Advocacy        •  Management
            All chapters are updated, and the text addresses such timely subjects as   •  Assessment  •  Online Education
            providing information resources when students, teachers, and librarians are   •  Collection   •  Outreach
            interacting online. A new chapter highlights the importance of the school   Development  •  Personnel
            librarian’s leadership in schools, districts, and communities. This invaluable   •  Curriculum  •  Professional
            textbook teaches practical skills for school library management and offers   •  Leadership  Development
            inspiration and guidance for growing LIS careers.
            •  Provides information that progresses logically from preparing for the   BLANCHE WOOLLS  is a former school librarian,
              profession and seeking a job to working and managing as a school librarian  school district supervisor, professor, and LIS
            •  Teaches school librarians to be effective leaders and advocates  director who has served as president of AASL.
            •  Includes several appendixes of practical information        JOYCE KASMAN VALENZA  is associate teaching
                                                                           professor of library and information science at
            •  Provides newly updated chapters that include timely information on digital   Rutgers University.
              access and working in an online environment
                                                                           APRIL M. DAWKINS  teaches in the areas of
            •  Includes an expanded author team with well-known library educators  school libraries, intellectual freedom, information
            •  Emphasizes the value of school librarians in education and   literacy, and children’s and young adult literature
              student achievement                                          at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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