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                        ADULT SERVICES AND PROGRAMS

              Libraries and Homelessness

            An Action Guide

                      JULIE ANN WINKELSTEIN
             “ for library workers at all levels who want to support members
              Julie Winkelstein has written a deeply relevant and useful guide
              of their communities who are unstably housed. The detailed
              and comprehensive glossary alone is a gold mine of a resource
              that will help demystify service jargon. By combining robust and
              compassionate explanations of the contexts for homelessness in
              the United States, practical and useable templates, and step-
              by-step guides to action, Winkelstein’s book will help libraries
              begin or expand important and needed work that is often
              overwhelming to consider.
                              —Vikki C. Terrile, Assistant Professor, Queensborough   July 2021 ,  267pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
                                   Community College CUNY, December 17, 2020   Paperback: 978-1-4408-6278-6
                                                                            $55.00 ,  £41.00 ,  €46,00
                                                                           eBook: 978-1-4408-6279-3
                  Address issues surrounding homelessness
            in the lives of your community members.                        SAMPLE T OPICS

                                                                           •   Community      •  LGBTQ+ Youth and
                                                                             Assessment        Homelessness
              Taking a holistic approach that will help you to better understand the
            experience of homelessness within the context of your library community, this   •  Creating an  •  Partnerships
            book offers new strategies and tools for addressing the challenge of meeting   Action Plan   •  Physical and
            the needs of the entire community, including those who are unstably housed.   •  Funding   Emotional Needs
            With basic facts, statistics, and conversations about homelessness, the author   •  Homelessness  •  Serving Unhoused
            makes a case for why libraries should provide support, explains exactly which   •  Information Needs  Adults and Youth
            needs they may be able (or unable) to meet, and shows how this support can        •  Staff Training
            be a natural part of the library services you already provide.
            Topics discussed include trauma-informed care, harm reduction, and mental
            and physical health challenges; brief stories and concrete examples illustrate     JULIE ANN WINKELSTEIN , PhD, MLIS, is an
            the principles and guidelines discussed. Citing innovative services such as   activist, writer, and teacher who worked as a
            Dallas Public Library’s “coffee and conversation” program and San Francisco   public librarian for 20 years. She teaches a library
            Public Library’s social worker program, the book offers both food for thought   school course on homelessness, poverty and
                                                                           libraries at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
            and tools for action as public librarians strive to understand and meet the
            needs of a population that has traditionally been stereotyped and excluded.

            •  Discusses specific short-term and long-term actions that libraries can take
              to better address the needs of community members who are experiencing
            •  Outlines steps libraries can take to balance the needs of all library users
            •  Shows how to identify and work with potential partners
            •  Describes new ways libraries can and are addressing common barriers to
              library services for those experiencing homelessness

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