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              A Librarian’s Guide
            to Engaging Families

            in Learning

             “ a significant contribution to the professional development
              A Librarian’s Guide to Engaging Families in Learning provides
              literature. This timely and valuable resource brings together
              the work of some of the most knowledgeable and credible
              researchers. Together, they successfully lay out key issues for
              library faculty and librarians to integrate family engagement in
              children’s learning.
                                             —Patricia A. Edwards, Professor,
                                        Michigan State University, April 20, 2021    September 2021 ,  215pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
                                                                           Paperback: 978-1-4408-7583-0
                                                                            $55.00 ,  £41.00 ,  €46,00
                                                                           eBook: 978-1-4408-7584-7
                  Learn how your library can promote family
            engagement in children’s learning.                             SAMPLE T OPICS
                                                                           •   Adult Services  •  Digital Access and
              Libraries are increasingly focusing on families. Educational research confirms   •  Children and  Learning
            that family engagement in children’s learning and development predicts   Youth Services  •  Diversity
            school readiness, positive social behaviors, high school graduation, interest in   •  Collection   •  Equity
            STEM careers, and post-secondary education.                      Development      •  Family Engagement
                                                                           •  Community       •  Inclusion
            A Librarian’s Guide to Engaging Families in Learning will inspire libraries and   Engagement
            librarians to innovate and promote family learning from a child’s earliest        •  Management
            years through adolescence. By bringing together research and practice, it will    •  Social Justice
            deepen your understanding of families’ role in education and help you to learn
            new ways to build positive and trusting family partnerships that honor diverse
            cultures and languages, as well as to develop leadership for community     M. ELENA LOPEZ , PhD, is an independent
            impact.                                                        researcher on the ecology of learning that
            Written by thought leaders in the fields of family engagement and library   includes the home, school, and community.
            science, each of the three main sections of the book begins with a framework   BHARAT MEHRA, PhD, is professor and EBSCO
            followed by case studies illustrating key concepts of the framework. Cases   Endowed Chair in Social Justice in the School of
            are followed by reflections from practicing librarians. All chapters focus on   Library and Information Studies at the University
                                                                           of Alabama.
            practical family engagement in the social infrastructure, lifelong learning, and
            diversity and social justice.                                  MARGARET CASPE, PhD, is an educator,
                                                                           researcher, and writer who focuses on how
                                                                           families, early childhood programs, schools, and
              FEATURES                                                     communities support children’s learning.
            •  Includes ideas to inspire innovative family engagement practices in libraries
            •  Provides research to help librarians make the case for resources to promote
              family engagement in public libraries
            •  Offers content for coursework and continuing education in
              children’s services

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