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                                                 AND TOOLS                      SUBJECTMAIN1  /  SUBJECTSUB1

              Librarian’s Guide to

            Games and Gamers

            From Collection Development
            to Advisory Services


                  If you find yourself working in a library with
            a gaming collection and want to learn more
            about the possibilities, this guide is for you.

              As games grow ever-more ubiquitous in our culture and communities, they    November 2021 ,  247pp ,  7x10
            have become popular staples in public library collections and are increasing   Paperback: 978-1-4408-6731-6
            in prominence in academic ones. Many librarians, especially those who are    $65.00 ,  £49.00 ,  €55,00
            not themselves gamers or are only acquainted with a handful of games, are   eBook: 978-1-4408-6732-3
            ill-prepared to successfully advise patrons who use games. This book provides
            the tools to help adult and youth services librarians to better understand   SAMPLE T OPICS
            the gaming landscape and better serve gamers in discovery of new games—  •   Board Games  •  Library
            whether they are new to gaming or seasoned players—through     •  Cataloging       Programming
            advisory services.
                                                                           •  Collection      •  Online Video Games
            This book maps all types of games—board, roleplaying, digital and virtual   Development  •  Purchasing
            reality—providing all the information needed to understand and appropriately   •  Collection   •  Roleplay Games
            recommend games to library users. Organized by game type, hundreds of   Maintenance  •  Video Game
            descriptions offer not only bibliographic information (title, publication date,   •  Game Preservation  Consoles
            series, and format/platform), but genre classifications, target age ranges for   •  Gamers’ Advisory  •  Virtual Reality
            players, notes on gameplay and user behavior type, and short descriptions of
            the game’s basic premise and appeals.
              FEATURES                                                       MICHELLE GOODRIDGE , MA, MLIS, is liaison
            •  Provides a new approach to gaming that fills the gap in the library by   librarian at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario.
              introducing the idea of gamers’ advisory
                                                                           MATT ROHWEDER , MA, MLIS, is liaison librarian
            •  Contains a representative list of board games, video games, roleplaying   at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario.
              games, card games, and more for librarians to consult when working with
              patrons or programming
            •  Discusses the aspects of gaming collections in libraries including
              cataloguing, preservation, purchasing and collection development, stack
              maintenance, understanding player motivation, genre-specific terminology
              and phrases, future trends (e.g., AI, AR, VR), and other tips and tricks for
              maintaining a successful gaming collection

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