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                                                         Helping Library Users with

                                                       Legal Questions

                                                       Practical Advice for Research,

                                                       Programming, and Outreach
                                                                 DEBORAH A. HAMILTON

                                                        “ more people are seeking free or inexpensive but still reliable
                                                          As the justice gap continues to grow nationwide, more and
                                                         legal aid. From policy to practice, print to partnerships, Hamilton
                                                         demystifies the elements of legal information services for public
                                                         libraries and encourages us to establish or expand our already
                                                         existing programs in ways that are appropriate, cost-effective,
                                                         and sustainable and that will better meet the growing legal
             July 2021 ,  193pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4           needs in our communities. I am looking forward to implementing
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7200-6                 her advice.
             $55.00 ,  £41.00 ,  €46,00                           ”
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7201-3                                 —April L. Martin, Adult Services Librarian/Regional Manager
                                                                           at New Orleans Public Library, November 30, 2020

            SAMPLE T OPICS
            •   Adult Services   •  Justice Gap              An important tool for librarians who want to
            •  Collection      •  Legal Research       help solve the “justice gap,” in which many
              Development      •  Outreach             patrons are representing themselves in
            •  Government      •  Programming          court and need help with legal research.
                               •  Reference
                                                         According to the National Center for State Courts, in 76 percent of civil cases
                                                       in the United States at least one of the parties represents him- or herself. As
              DEBORAH A. HAMILTON  is the strategic services   more people represent themselves in court, more are coming to the library to
            librarian who oversees the law collection at Pikes   seek answers to legal questions.
            Peak Library District. She has served as president,
            vice president, and secretary for the Colorado   Do you ever feel panicked when someone asks you a legal reference question?
            Association of Law Libraries.              Are you are not sure where to look for information or how much information
                                                       you can provide? What can libraries do to assist self-represented litigants?
                                                       Deborah Hamilton began her career as a law librarian with no formal legal
                                                       training. Now, not only does she help people with legal reference questions,
                                                       but she also provides legal programming and outreach to the community.
                                                       Learn the difference between legal information and legal advice as well as how
                                                       to connect with community groups who provide legal services. In this book,
                                                       Hamilton teaches librarians how to teach themselves about legal research and
                                                       resources, as well as offering practical ideas for types of legal programs and
                                                       outreach that they can proactively offer patrons.
                                                       •  Get ideas for legal programming and outreach to assist patrons with
                                                         legal questions
                                                       •  Know where to find free legal resources and how to research legal questions
                                                       •  Understand the difference between legal information and legal advice

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