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             MANA GEMENT   AND   AD MINISTRA  TION   /

                                                          COMING SOON
                                                         Creating a Staff-Led

                                                       Strategic Plan

                                                       A Practical Guide for Libraries

                                                                 KATY B. MATHUEWS AND RYAN A. SPELLMAN

                                                             Teaches librarians to create authentic
                                                       strategic development plans that they’ll be
                                                       excited to put into action.

                                                         With dwindling budgets to pay for consultants and a growing interest in
                                                       collaboration across the organization, libraries are increasingly taking a do-it-
             March 2023 ,  125pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4        yourself approach to strategic planning.
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7911-1
             $50.00 ,  £38.00 ,  €44,00                This book takes a step-by-step approach to grassroots strategic planning for
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7912-8                   libraries of all types. The authors, who led a successful strategic planning
                                                       process at their own library, provide practical advice and detailed information

            SAMPLE T OPICS                             to guide library personnel through their own process. Topics include aligning
            •   Assessment     •  Qualitative Analysis   with institutional and community values, creating vision and mission
                                                       statements, researching stakeholder needs, conducting environmental
            •  Collaborative   •  Staff-Led
              Writing           Strategic Planning     scans, collaborative drafting of the plan, communication strategies, and
                                                       implementation and assessment of the plan. Each chapter helps librarians
            •  Communication   •  Stakeholder
              Strategies        Research               create a strategic plan for a broad spectrum of libraries, including K–12, post-
                                                       secondary, public, and special libraries. A unique feature of the book is its
            •  Environmental Scan   •  Strategic Planning   emphasis on the ways in which different library types can collaborate to meet
            •  Focus Groups    •  Surveys
                                                       shared goals.
                                                       This book is a one-stop-shop, providing everything library staff will need to
                                                       create a strategic plan without searching for additional sources.

              KATY B. MATHUEWS , PhD, is the senior director     FEATURES
            of administration at Ohio University Libraries in   •  Understand the components of a strategic plan
            Athens, OH.
                                                       •  Learn steps to complete a staff-led strategic planning process
            RYAN A. SPELLMAN is a library support specialist   •  Learn specific skills to conduct environmental and stakeholder research to
            in the User Services Department at Ohio      support the planning process
            University Libraries’ Alden Library in Athens, OH.
                                                       •  Learn approaches to workshop and write the plan with colleagues
                                                       •  Understand how to build communication, transparency, accountability, and
                                                         assessment into the plan

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