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                                                          COMING SOON
                                                         Disabilities and the Library

                                                       Fostering Equity for Patrons and Staff
                                                       with Differing Abilities

                                                                 CLAYTON A. COPELAND, EDITOR,
                                                       FOREWORD BY BLANCHE WOOLLS

                                                             A useful introduction to working with
                                                       people who are differently abled, whether
                                                       they’re patrons or colleagues.

                                                         Understanding the needs and abilities of patrons who are differently abled
             December 2022 ,  340pp ,  7x10            increases librarians’ ability to serve them from childhood through adulthood.
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-5907-6               While some librarians are fortunate to have had coursework to help them
             $75.00 ,  £56.00 ,  €65,00                understand the needs and abilities of the differently abled, many have had
            eBook: 978-1-4408-5908-3                   little experience working with this diverse group. In addition, many persons
                                                       who are differently abled are—or would like to become—librarians.
            SAMPLE T OPICS                             Differing Abilities and the Library helps readers understand the challenges
            •   Adaptive       •  Inclusive Collections   faced by people who are differently abled, both as patrons and as information
              Technologies     •  Inclusive            professionals. Readers will learn to assess their library’s physical facilities,
            •  Assistive        Environments           programming, staff, and continuing education to ensure that their libraries
              Technologies     •  Inclusive            are prepared to include people of all abilities. Inclusive programming and
            •  Continuing       Programming            collection development suggestions will help librarians to meet the needs
              Education        •  Staffing             of patrons and colleagues with mobility and dexterity problems, learning
            •  Differently Abled   •  Web Accessibility   differences, hearing and vision limitations, sensory and cognitive challenges,
                                                       autism, and more. Additional information is included about assistive and
                                                       adaptive technologies and web accessibility. Librarians will value this
                                                       accessible and important book as they strive for equity and inclusivity.
              CLAYTON A. COPELAND , PhD, is director of
            the SLIS Laboratory for Leadership in the Equity     FEATURES
            of Access and Diversity (LLEAD) and helps to   •  Identifies the differently abled who are patrons and employees in libraries
            manage the Linda Lucas Walling Collection for
            Universal Access.                          •  Details the needs and abilities of a special clientele
                                                       •  Encourages the interest of management in hiring applicants who are
                                                         differently abled
                                                       •  Includes chapters written by working librarians, educators, and researchers
                                                       •  Offers advice to strengthen services, programming, collection development,
                                                         accessibility, and legal compliance

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