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              The Complete Guide

            to Open Scholarship

                      VICTORIA MARTIN
             “ conceptual threads of  openness  and laying them out in a clear and
              Victoria Martin has done an admirable job of teasing apart the tangled
              logical manner, while even-handedly considering both its costs and its
              benefits. This book will be a boon to anyone who wants to understand the
              complex landscape of open scholarship. ”
                   —Rick Anderson, University Librarian, Brigham Young University, December 3, 2021
                                                                               May 2022 ,  199pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
              There has long been a debate about openness in scholarship, and even the term itself   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7280-8
            continues to be debated. Openness is a complex and multidimensional concept, and its    $75.00 ,  £56.00 ,  €65,00
            nature in scholarship continually evolves. One of the hindrances to the transition to greater   eBook: 978-1-4408-7281-5
            openness in academia is this lack of clear understanding about how it fits into the practice
            of scholarly communication.                                         VICTORIA MARTIN  is a librarian with more
                                                                              than 18 years of professional experience in
            To ensure that librarians as knowledge managers can better educate scholars about the   academic librarianship.
            benefits and challenges of open scholarship, Victoria Martin’s The Complete Guide to Open
            Scholarship brings clarity to the concept of openness, tests assumptions concerning it,
            and strikes the right balance between breaking down complex ideas into simpler ones and
            honoring the reader’s intelligence and previous knowledge of the subject. Readers will
            learn the history of openness in scholarship as well as several ways in which openness
            can be perceived.

              Library Patrons’ Privacy

            Questions and Answers

             “ while simultaneously showing that policies cannot render the final solution
              A superb starting point that emphasizes the importance of library policies
                                    ”                  —Library Journal, April 1, 2022
              when privacy issues arise.

              Emerging technologies create new concerns about information privacy within library and
            information organizations, and many information professionals lack guidance on how to    January 2022 ,  152pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
            navigate the ethical crises that emerge when information privacy and library policy clash.   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7410-9
            What should we do when a patron leaves something behind? How do we justify filtering    $65.00 ,  £49.00 ,  €57,00
            internet access while respecting accessibility and privacy? How do we balance new   eBook: 978-1-4408-7411-6
            technologies that provide anonymity with the library’s need to prevent the illegal use of
            their facilities?                                                   SANDRA J. VALENTI is assistant professor
                                                                              in the School of Library and Information
            Library Patrons’ Privacy presents clear, conversational, evidence-based guidance on   Management at Emporia State University.
            how to navigate these ethical questions in information privacy. Ideas from professional   BRADY D. LUND  is a doctoral student
            organizations, government entities, scholarly publications, and personal experiences   in the School of Library and Information
            are synthesized into an approachable guide for librarians at all stages of their career.   Management at Emporia State University.
            This guide, designed by three experienced LIS scholars and professionals, is a quick and   MATTHEW A. BECKSTROM is systems
            enjoyable read that students and professionals of all levels of technical knowledge and skill   manager/librarian at the Lewis and Clark
            will find useful and applicable to their libraries.               Library in Helena, MT.

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