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                                                 COMING SOON
                                                Advocating Digital Citizenship

                                              Resources for the Library and Classroom
                                                        CARRIE ROGERS-WHITEHEAD, AMY O. MILSTEAD, AND LINDI FARRIS-HILL
                                               “ classroom teachers and librarians who work together to equip our students
                                                 Good schools have classrooms and libraries; great schools have

                                                with essential digital citizenship skills. Carrie, Amy, and Lindi have created
                                                a powerful resource that provides clear vision and practical tools to help
                                                us move away from the looming media and information illiteracy darkness
                                                that is eroding our free society and move us toward the light of students
             August 2022 ,  177pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   who are informed and equipped digital citizens! ”
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7889-3                       —Glen Warren, Encinitas Union School District Director of Literacies,
             $55.00 ,  £41.00 ,  €48,00                                              Outreach, and Libraries, April 7, 2022
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7890-9
                                                Digital citizenship, the ethical and responsible use of technology, is more important than
                                              ever for 21st-century learners and families—all of whom are spending increasingly long
              CARRIE ROGERS-WHITEHEAD  worked for
            public libraries for a decade before founding   hours behind screens. Because libraries and schools are often the mediators between
            Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based   technology and individuals, educators must know what digital citizenship is and how they
            company that works with educators, parents,   can understand, program, and promote it.
            and students to teach digital citizenship.
                                              In Advocating Digital Citizenship, readers will learn from a public librarian and two current
            AMY O. MILSTEAD is a current high school   school librarians a wealth of real-life, easy-to-follow strategies to make libraries healthy,
            librarian and former middle school and
            elementary school librarian and teacher.  equitable, and safe digital spaces for everyone. Covering complex but important topics like
                                              digital law, digital etiquette, and media literacy, the authors help librarians and teachers
            LINDI FARRIS-HILL is a current high
            school librarian and a former instructional   establish a curriculum, write programming, and collaborate with colleagues to achieve buy-
            technology coach and high school  in at all levels.
            English teacher.

                                                Digital Visual Literacy

                                              The Librarian’s Quick Guide
                                                        NICOLE M. FOX
                                                Millions of images are uploaded to social media every day, and students are increasingly
                                              being asked to participate in such image-rich research projects as websites and blogs.
                                              Image manipulation and photo editing are commonplace, but the visual literacy skills
                                              needed to detect that kind of misinformation aren’t.
                                              Students need help learning how to find, evaluate, and use images in an ethical and
                                              effective manner. Digital Visual Literacy is designed to introduce visual literacy to
             April 2022 ,  91pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   instructional librarians. This concise introduction teaches visual literacy as a digital skill,
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7517-5      complete with digital humanities-based workshops and assignments to make instruction
             $35.00 ,  £26.00 ,  €31,00
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7518-2            informative and engaging. It covers all aspects of visual literacy, from copyright to image
                                              evaluation. Each chapter clearly explains visual literacy standards and proficiencies and

              NICOLE M. FOX , MLIS, is assistant professor   offers practical instructional assignments, in-class demonstrations, and more through the
            and research and instruction librarian at   use of digital humanities tools.
            Belmont University, where she teaches
            instructional library sessions in a variety of     FEATURES
            undergraduate courses.            •  Helps clarify visual literacy, explains its importance, and teaches how to get students
                                                thinking about it
                                              •  Demonstrates how to integrate digital humanities tools into instruction more effectively
                                              •  Features demonstrations and assignments that can be used in any class by a wide variety
                                                of librarians
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