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                                                The Efficient Library

                                              Ten Simple Changes That Save Time and
                                              Improve Service

                                                        ELIZABETH BARRERA RUSH
                                               “ strategies to implement in their own workplaces. ”
                                                 Librarians at every stage of their careers will come away with useful
                                                                                        —Booklist Online, April 30, 2021
                                                This librarian’s guide provides recommendations for quick and easy implementation of
                                              space-improving, time-saving practices. It also discusses the fundamentals of business and
                                              engineering management, public health, and other disciplines as they directly relate to the
             October 2020 ,  162pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-6981-5      improvement of library service and management.
             $45.00 ,  £34.00 ,  €38,00       Detailing free and affordable adjustments to the library environment as well as information
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6982-2
                                              for those who will participate in a renovation or new construction project, the book
                                              features tips for creating functional, efficient, and productive spaces; procedures for
              ELIZABETH BARRERA RUSH , MSIS, is library   streamlining routine tasks; methods for arranging materials in high demand; and ways
            specialist in the library and textbook services
            department at Northside Independent   of reconfiguring or planning spaces. It will provide librarians with a working knowledge
            School District, San Antonio.     of process management that will help them to strengthen their competence and build
                                              confidence to address and troubleshoot problems, freeing them to engage in more
                                              meaningful interactions and activities that benefit the community.
                                              •  Provides simple and inconspicuous actions librarians can take to increase efficiency
                                                in library management and operations

                                                Leading Professional Development

                                              Growing Librarians for the Digital Age

                                                        MARY H. MOEN AND SARAH A. BUCHANAN, EDITORS
                                               “ for library professionals. Will appeal broadly across all types of libraries,
                                                 A quick read with guidance for creating myriad enrichment activities

                                                professional organizations, and library science programs. ”
                                                                                        —Library Journal, March 5, 2021
                                                As technology rapidly advances, the need for continuing education increases at an
                                              accelerating rate. Within 10–12 years of completing formal education, most information
                                              professionals’ knowledge and skills become out of date, leaving them only half as able to
             November 2020 ,  157pp ,  7x10   meet the new demands of the profession. Additionally, the increase in online education
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-6909-9
             $65.00 ,  £49.00 ,  €55,00       programs for LIS students can limit their connection with practicing professionals and, in
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6910-5           some locations, their engagement with diverse populations.
                                              LIS schools and professional development organizations, however, can support professional
              MARY H. MOEN  is assistant professor in the   development in new and exciting ways. Readers will learn how faculty in LIS schools are
            Graduate School of Library and Information   innovating their courses and providing continuing education experiences. Taking advantage
            Studies at the University of Rhode Island.
                                              of the benefits of online, digital, and experiential learning projects, they are creating
            SARAH A. BUCHANAN is assistant professor   meaningful, collaborative learning opportunities between students and practitioners in the
            in the School of Information Science &
            Learning Technologies (iSchool) at the   field. The book also addresses how social media tools can help online students experience
            University of Missouri.           interactive community learning and network within the profession before they start
                                              their positions.

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