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                                                 AND TOOLS

              Librarian’s Guide to Online Searching

            Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction

              6TH EDITION |     CHRISTOPHER C. BROWN
              Librarians need to know of existing databases, and they must be able to teach search
            capabilities and strategies to library users. This practical guide introduces librarians
            to a broad spectrum of fee-based and freely available databases and explains how to
            teach them.
            The updated 6th edition of this well-regarded text covers new databases on the market
            as well as updates to older databases. It also explains underlying information structures
            and demonstrates how to search most effectively. It introduces readers to several recent
            changes, such as the move away from metadata-based indexing to full text indexing by    June 2021 ,  371pp ,  7x10
            vendors covering newspaper content. Business databases receive greater emphasis.  Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7873-2
                                                                               $80.00 ,  £60.00 ,  €67,00
            As in the previous edition, this book takes a real-world approach, covering topics from   eBook: 978-1-4408-7824-4
            basic and advanced search tools to online subject databases. Each chapter includes a   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7823-7
            thorough discussion, a recap, concrete examples, exercises, and points to consider,  $60.00  , £45.00  , €50,00
            making it an ideal text for courses in database searching as well as a trustworthy
            professional resource.                                              CHRISTOPHER C. BROWN , professor,
                                                                              is reference librarian and coordinator
              FEATURES                                                        of government documents at the
            •  Helps librarians and students understand the latest developments in library databases  University of Denver, Main Library.
            •  Looks not only at textual databases but also numerical, image, video, and social
              media resources
            •  Includes changes and trends in database functionality since the 5th edition

              Librarian’s Guide to Games and Gamers

            From Collection Development to Advisory Services

               This book will help librarians not only build a game collection, but also
              develop innovative programming and services around that collection.
                           —Scott Nicholson, Professor of Game Design, Wilfrid Laurier University,
                                                Brantford, Ontario, Canada, June 17, 2021
              As games grow ever-more ubiquitous in our culture and communities, they have become
            popular staples in public library collections and are increasing in prominence in academic
            ones. Many librarians, especially those who are not themselves gamers or are only    November 2021 ,  247pp ,  7x10
            acquainted with a handful of games, are ill-prepared to successfully advise patrons who   Paperback: 978-1-4408-6731-6
                                                                               $65.00 ,  £49.00 ,  €55,00
            use games. This book provides the tools to help adult and youth services librarians to   eBook: 978-1-4408-6732-3
            better understand the gaming landscape and better serve gamers in discovery of new
            games—whether they are new to gaming or seasoned players—through advisory services.    MICHELLE GOODRIDGE , MA, MLIS,
            This book maps all types of games—board, roleplaying, digital, and virtual reality—  is liaison librarian at Wilfrid Laurier
            providing all the information needed to understand and appropriately recommend   University in Ontario.
            games to library users. Organized by game type, hundreds of descriptions offer not only   MATTHEW J. ROHWEDER, MA, MLIS,
            bibliographic information (title, publication date, series, and format/platform), but genre   is liaison librarian at Wilfrid Laurier
                                                                              University in Ontario.
            classifications, target age ranges for players, notes on gameplay and user behavior type,
            and short descriptions of the game’s basic premise and appeals.
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