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                                                 COMING SOON
                                                Copycat Crime

                                              How Media, Technology, and Digital Culture Inspire
                                              Criminal Behavior and Violence
                                                        JACQUELINE B. HELFGOTT
                                                Across her 30-year career in criminology, author Jacqueline Helfgott has watched with
                                              fascination and fear as the world has shifted from a place where one-dimensional televised
                                              news each evening and newspapers brought or bought each morning provided the only
                                              information on crimes and killings. Now, nonstop, instant global news coverage on 24-hour
                                              television and the internet enables people to see and replay not only crime, violence,
             January 2023 ,  250pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   terrorism, and murder coverage provided by journalists in real time, but also Facebook and
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6420-9      YouTube feeds filmed by the criminals themselves while perpetrating the crimes.
             $50.00 ,  £38.00 ,  €44,00
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6421-6            In this riveting text about the consequences of our technical, digital, and cultural changes,
                                              Helfgott focuses on how these advances are perpetuating this era’s new and more
              JACQUELINE B. HELFGOTT , PhD, is   massively deadly acts. The book intertwines vignettes from current events, perpetrator
            professor and director of the Department  statements, police reports, and current research to show how copycat crimes are linked to
            of Criminal Justice, Criminology and   media, technology, and our digital culture. Concluding with recommendations to reduce
            Foresics’s Crime and Justice Research
            Center, Seattle University. She also serves   the criminogenic effects of media, technology, and digital culture, this book also includes
            on the Seattle Police Department’s Crisis   an appendix listing technology and media-influenced copycat crimes.
            Intervention Committee.
                                              •  Includes detailed information from research and police reports showing how media
                                                and technology influence copycat criminals
                                              •  Examines the ways social media is used as a vehicle for “performance crimes”
                                                by perpetrators

                                                 COMING SOON
                                                The Scopes “Monkey Trial”

                                              America’s Most Famous Trial and Its Ongoing Legacy

                                                        RANDY MOORE
                                                Ongoing controversies about school curricula, such as the teaching of Critical Race Theory
                                              and the role of parents in public education, can all be traced to the Scopes Trial. Today, the
                                              question remains: who controls the school curriculum? This was a foundational issue in
                                              the Scopes Trial, and we have been debating this question ever since. This book will help
                                              readers understand where these controversies originated and how courts, politicians, and
                                              the public handled these issues nearly a century ago.
             November 2022 ,  276pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   Featuring new information from previously untapped sources and providing an in-depth
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7809-1      study of John Scopes himself, this book interrogates the facts, fictions, and legend of the
             $50.00 ,  £38.00 ,  €44,00
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7810-7            Scopes Trial, which historians rank as one of the defining events of the 20th century. It is an
                                              ideal resource for anyone interested in the ongoing controversy about evolution, science,
              RANDY MOORE , PhD, is professor of   and religion in education and American life.
            biology and H.T. Morse-Alumni Distinguished     FEATURES
            Teaching Professor at the University of
            Minnesota in Minneapolis-St. Paul.   •  Provides new perspectives and new information about the Scopes Trial, a landmark
                                                in American history
                                              •  Unearths the often-overlooked story of John Scopes and his life before, during, and
                                                after his trial

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