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                                                Germs at Bay

                                              Politics, Public Health, and American Quarantine
                                                        CHARLES VIDICH

                                               “ quarantines like those at Boston Harbor or New York’s Ellis Island, or the
                                                 Germs at Bay is a great book if you are interested in the how and why of
                                                current recommendations to keep COVID [from] further spread. ”
                                                                               —The History of Vaccines Blog, April 20, 2021
                                                The novel strain of coronavirus that emerged in late 2019 and became a worldwide
                                              pandemic in 2020 is only one of more than 87 new or emerging pathogens discovered
                                              since 1980 that have posed a risk to public health. While many may consider quarantine
             January 2021 ,  500pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   an antiquated practice, in reality it is often one of the only defenses against new and
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7833-6
             $60.00 ,  £45.00 ,  €50,00       dangerous communicable diseases. Tracing the United States’ quarantine practices through
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7834-3           the colonial, postcolonial, and modern eras, Germs at Bay: Politics, Public Health, and
                                              American Quarantine provides an eye-opening look at how quarantine has worked despite
              CHARLES VIDICH  is a consultant and   routine dismissal of its value.
            adviser on public health and bioterrorism   This book is for anyone seeking to understand the challenges of controlling the spread
            issues and was appointed a visiting scientist
            at the Harvard School of Public Health,   of COVID-19 and will help readers internalize the lessons that may be learned from the
            working for 10 years on national  pandemic. No other title provides this level of primary source data on the United States’
            quarantine policy.                long reliance on quarantine practices and the political, social, and economic factors that
                                              have influenced them.
                                              •  Offers guidance on quarantine decision-making within the U.S. democratic system

                                                The Handbook of Occupational and

                                              Environmental Medicine

                                              Principles, Practice, Populations, and Problem-Solving

                                                2ND EDITION |   2 VOLUMES
                                                TEE L. GUIDOTTI
                                                This set is designed to be a thorough introduction for physicians entering the occupational
                                              and environmental medicine field, whether preparing for specialty examinations or
                                              moving into the field from other medical specialties or from primary care. It also serves
                                              as a convenient guide and reference for nurses, health professionals, and those outside of
                                              health care who need a quick orientation.
             October 2020 ,  1212pp ,  7x10
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6526-8      The set is written with a strong and coherent point of view about the value of occupational
             $275.00 ,  £204.00 ,  €230,00    and environmental medicine and commitment to ethical, worker-centered practice.
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6527-5           It is unusual in the depth of its coverage; its inclusion of important topics that are
                                              usually overlooked in textbooks of the field, such as risk science; its emphasis on good
              TEE L. GUIDOTTI , MD, MPH, DABT, is a   management of occupational health services; and its thorough integration of material that
            physician, international consultant, and   fits topics together rather than presenting them as if they were separate and unrelated.
            retired professor of occupational and
            environmental medicine who helped    FEATURES
            shape the modern field through his  •  Covers all topics in the OEM Board Specialty Examination
            teaching for more than 35 years.
                                              •  Includes an appendix with sample questions from the Specialty Examination
                                              •  Is written by an internationally recognized expert
                                              •  Lists essential resources for OEM physicians in an appendix
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