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                       POLITICS, LAW, AND GOVERNMENT

               COMING SOON
              Women, Power, and Rape Culture

            The Politics and Policy of Underrepresentation

              The election of Donald Trump precipitated one of the largest outpourings of political
            protest on a single day in U.S. history with the 2017 March for Women. The emboldened
            #MeToo and #TimesUp movements reacted not only to the historical injustice of sexual
            offenses perpetrated upon women, but women’s associated underrepresentation in
            positions of power and public authority.
            Women, Power, and Rape Culture examines the principal events, actors, and paradigms in
            the politics of rape, sexual assault, and harassment since Trump’s election. Unlike other    August 2022 ,  180pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
            studies, it connects these traumatic events to women’s underrepresentation in the public   Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7697-4
                                                                               $49.00 ,  £37.00 ,  €43,00
            sphere. Chapters consider the power of presidential speech, judges, and Congress to create   eBook: 978-1-4408-7698-1
            structural barriers to women’s representation as well as the stultifying effects of weak
            college and university responses to sexual violence. Disparities in women’s representation     BONNIE STABILE , PhD, is associate
            in positions of public authority are considered in light of the disproportionate burden   professor and associate dean of student
            imposed on women by a culture that discounts the prevalence of rape and harassment and  and academic affairs in the Schar School
            by the policies that inadequately address them, allowing them to perpetuate.   of Policy and Government at George
                                                                              Mason University.
              FEATURES                                                        AUBREY GRANT, MPP, is a doctoral
            •  Explains how U.S. politics and public policy are intimately connected to rape, assault,   candidate at George Mason University.
              and sexual harassment

               COMING SOON
              The Cost of Congress

            What Americans Get for Their Money

                      KAREN KUNZ AND STAVROS ATSAS
              What was the cost to taxpayers for Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings? What about the
            Benghazi investigation and efforts to obtain the votes required to repeal Obamacare while
            failing to consider Zika virus funding bills? What is the true cost of earmarks? Why do
            Congress members continue to get paid during government shutdowns?
            Congress’s increasing use of continuing resolutions and agencies’ almost semi-annual
            preparations for government shutdowns come at a significant cost. Combining extensive
            documentary research with interviews of current and former members and staffers, The    May 2022 ,  395pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4
            Cost of Congress assesses not only how Congress spends tax dollars on its operations but   Hardcover: 978-1-4408-5800-0
                                                                               $75.00 ,  £56.00 ,  €65,00
            also what Americans receive for those dollars.                    eBook: 978-1-4408-5801-7
            Kunz and Atsas assign dollar values, using federal data, to congressional practices and
            policies. They examine the costs of producing legislation, court challenges, and Supreme     KAREN KUNZ , DPA, is associate professor
            Court reversals. They also look at the costs of committee and special investigations,   of public administration at West Virginia
            committee assignments, staffing and facilities, and such perks as the gym, meals, and   University.
            franking. Readers—taxpayers from all walks of life—will come away with a comprehensive   STAVROS ATSAS is a doctoral student in the
                                                                              Evaluation and Measurement program
            view of the costs of operating Congress.
                                                                              at Kent State University.
            •  Sheds light on the public costs of congressional lawmaking and operations as Congress
              becomes increasingly polarized and perceived as unable to govern
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