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                                                Hollywood’s Native Americans

                                              Stories of Identity and Resistance

                                                        ANGELA ALEISS, FOREWORD BY DR. JAN-CHRISTOPHER HORAK
                                                This book explores how the heritage and behind-the-scenes activities of Native American
                                              actors and filmmakers helped shape their own movie images. Native artists have impacted
                                              movies for more than a century, but until recently their presence had passed largely
                                              unrecognized. From the silent era to contemporary movies, this book features leading
                                              Native American actors whose voices have reached a broad audience and are part of the
                                              larger conversation about the exploitation of underrepresented people in Hollywood.
             March 2022 ,  212pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   Each chapter highlights Native actors in lead or supporting roles as well as filmmakers
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7156-6      whose movies were financed and distributed by Hollywood studios. The text further
             $50.00 ,  £38.00 ,  €44,00
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7157-3           explores how a “pan-Indian heritage” that applies to all tribes in terms of spirituality,
                                              historical trauma, and a version of ceremony and storytelling have shaped these
              ANGELA ALEISS  received her PhD in   performers’ movie identities. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, including fans of
            film studies from Columbia University   Westerns, history buffs of American popular cinema, and students and scholars of Native
            and currently teaches at California State   American studies.
            University, Long Beach.
                                              •  Interviews with today’s Native American actors and filmmakers
                                              •  Rare photos of Native artists in film and behind the scenes
                                              •  Foreword by noted film historian and archivist Jan-Christopher Horak

                                                 COMING SOON
                                                Federal Anti-Indian Law

                                              The Legal Entrapment of Indigenous Peoples

                                                        PETER P. D’ERRICO
                                                In this wide-ranging historical study of federal Indian law—the field of U.S. law related to
                                              Native peoples—attorney and educator Peter P. d’Errico argues that the U.S. government’s
                                              assertion of absolute prerogative and unlimited authority over Native peoples and their
                                              lands is actually a suspension of law.
                                              Combining a deep theoretical analysis of the law with a historical examination of its roots
                                              in Christian civilization, d’Errico presents a close reading of foundational legal cases and
             August 2022 ,  195pp ,  6 1/8x9 1/4   raises the possibility of revoking the doctrine of domination. The book’s larger context is
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7921-0      the increasing frequency of Indigenous conflicts with nation-states around the world as
             $39.00 ,  £29.00 ,  €34,00
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7922-7           ecological crises caused by industrial extraction impinge drastically on Indigenous peoples’
                                              existences. D’Errico’s goal is to rethink the role of law in the global order—to imagine an
              PETER D’ERRICO , JD (LLB) is professor   Indigenous nomos of the earth, an order arising from peoples and places rather than the
            emeritus of legal studies at the University   existing hegemony of states.
            of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he has
            taught for more than 30 years.      FEATURES
                                              •  Combines a deep theoretical analysis of the law with historical perspective
                                              •  Argues that federal Indian law is an exception from regular legal processes
                                              •  Offers a global Indigenous perspective on human civilization
                                              •  Provides analysis from an attorney and educator with decades of experience
                                                in federal Indian law
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