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           POLITIC S, LA W , AND GO

                                               COMING SOON
                                              Capital Punishment

                                              A Documentary and Reference Guide
                                              DAVID L. HUDSON JR.
                                              This book showcases and explains key primary documents that reflect and have influenced
                                              the history of capital punishment in the United States. By presenting and examining a wide
                                              range of fascinating and momentous documents, including court decisions and transcripts,
                                              legislation, personal accounts and perspectives, congressional testimony, and government
                                              documents issued from all political perspectives, students will gain valuable insight into
            Greenwood                         the evolution of public opinion and government policy on the death penalty in America. To
            May 2023, 310pp, 8 1/2x11         better understand these documents, each primary source is prefaced with an introduction
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7577-9      and followed by scholarly analysis. These documents and accompanying analysis
            $111.00, £83.00, €96,00           complement one another, helping students gain a better and more accurate understanding
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7578-6
                                              of the viewpoints, convictions, and perspectives that have shaped American attitudes and
                                              practices toward capital punishment since the United States' earliest days.
            DAVID L. HUDSON JR.  is an award-winning
            professor at Belmont University College of   FEATURES
            Law, where he teaches constitutional law   •  Provides a detailed overview of the history of—and controversies about—capital
            and First Amendment law.
                                                punishment in the United States
                                              •  Offers a unique mix of government documentation, court cases, and political/social
                                                advocacy perspectives
                                              •  Expert commentary supplies context for primary documents on capital punishment
                                              •  Readers Guide to Related Documents organizes all featured primary sources by theme
                                                for researchers

                                               COMING SOON
                                              Today's Civil Rights and Liberties Issues

                                              Democrats and Republicans

                                              KARA E. STOOKSBURY
                                              Both the Democratic and Republican parties claim that they have the best interests of the
                                              nation and its people at heart, and they are equally adamant that they have the best policy
                                              solutions to address the nation's problems and challenges. Each volume in the Across the
                                              Aisle reference series examines the stated policy positions and actual voting/legislative
                                              records of the two parties (they are not always the same) on important areas of public
                                              policy, both historically and in the present day.
            ABC-CLIO                          This volume of Across the Aisle, on the parties' records and rhetoric concerning the
            June 2023, 335pp, 7x10            protection of American civil rights and liberties, sorts through the rhetorical clutter and
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6834-4
            $97.00, £72.00, €84,00            partisan distortions that typify so many disputes between Republicans and Democrats
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6835-1          and provides an accurate, balanced, and evenhanded overview of the parties' attitudes
                                              and records on vital civil rights and liberties questions pertaining to voting rights, political
            KARA E. STOOKSBURY , PhD, is professor   representation, abortion, guns, free speech, and other high-interest issues.
            of political science and chair of the
            Department of History, Political Science,   FEATURES
            and Sociology at Carson-Newman    •  Identifies key milestones and policy decisions that shape contemporary debates
            University in Jefferson City, TN.   over each issue
                                              •  Uses a nonpartisan, unbiased, and impartial lens to help readers understand not only
                                                where parties stand on contested civil rights issues, but how these disagreements
                                                reflect larger ideological and partisan views
                                              •  Informs readers about the ethical, historical, and legal context of each issue
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