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             COMING SOON
            Religion and World

            How Faith Shaped Societies from
            Antiquity to the Present

            3 VOLUMES

            ANDREW P. HOLT, EDITOR

            The impact of religious belief on social
            and cultural norms has not been limited
            in time or place but has been a global
            phenomenon throughout recorded human
            history. Although increasingly challenged                      May 2023, 1020pp, 8 1/2x11
                                                                           Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7423-9
            by modern secularism and atheism, the                          $335.00, £249.00, €289,00
            influence of religion on people's lives                        eBook: 978-1-4408-7424-6
            remains strong in the modern world as well.
                                                                           SAMPLE T OPICS
                                                                           •  African Kingdoms  •  Inca Empire
            This work provides a three-volume overview of the ways in which religious   •  Ancient Egypt  •  Medieval Europe
            faith has shaped societies from the ancient world until the present. Each
            volume focuses on a different era of world history, ranging through the   •  Ancient   •  Modern America
            ancient, medieval, and modern worlds, and includes essays that focus on           •  Modern Middle East
            religious themes from different geographical regions. For example, volume   •  Ancient Israel  •  Modern China
            one offers a section with essays considering religion in ancient Rome, while   •  Ancient India  •  Modern India
            volume three offers a section with essays considering religion in modern   •  Ancient Greece  •  Modern Latin
            Africa. Such a layout makes it simple for a reader to find information about a   •  Ancient Rome  America
            particular religion in a particular era and place.             •  Aztec Empire    •  Ottoman Empire
            Altogether, this work gathers more than 500 essays from more than 150   •  Colonial and   •  Revolutionary
            scholars offering scholarly introductions to religious people, places, and events   Revolutionary   France
            that have influenced the development of societies over the course of recorded   United States  •  Renaissance Italy
            human history.                                                 •  Dynastic China  •  Victorian England
                                                                           •  Early Islam
            FEATURES                                                       •  Feudal Japan
            •  Contains focused sections considering the impact of religion on 24 distinct
              cultures around the world spanning the course of recorded human history.
            •  Offers three volumes divided by eras (ancient, medieval, and modern)
              and civilizations (e.g. Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, Medieval Arab   ANDREW P. HOLT,  PhD, teaches history at
              Civilization, Medieval Africa, Pre-Columbian Societies, Modern North   Florida State College at Jacksonville and
              America, etc.), allowing for easy navigation.                Norwich University.
            •  Each of the 24 sections contains essays offering scholarly introductions to
              important religious figures, beliefs, people, places, and events and their
              impact on the societies in which they exist.
            •  Each essay also provides a Further Reading section to guide the reader to
              worthwhile research resources on the subject in question.

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