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                                                        COMING SOON
                                                       Marriage and Divorce
                                                       in America

                                                       Issues, Trends, and Controversies

                                                       JAIMEE L. HARTENSTEIN, EDITOR

                                                       Forty percent of families in the United States
                                                       are blended with at least one partner having
                                                       a child from a previous relationship.

                                                       This authoritative, one-stop resource will help readers understand the history
                                                       and current state of marriage and divorce in the United States, including
            ABC-CLIO                                   their many cultural, economic, political, legal, and religious facets. Users of
            June 2023, 451pp, 7x10                     this resource will find valuable information and insights on broad trends in
            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6836-8
            $97.00, £72.00, €84,00                     relationships that are changing the landscape of American society, such as
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6837-5                   divorce rates, delayed marriages, blended families, birth rates, and prevalence
                                                       of marriage and divorce among various socioeconomic groups. In addition,
                                                       the encyclopedia features in-depth entries covering high-interest issues that
            SAMPLE T OPICS
                                                       are shaping the character of marriage, divorce, relationships, and family life
            •  Child Care      •  Marriage Counseling  in the 21st century, including economic/legal topics (child support, prenups,
            •  Child Support   •  Parenthood
                                                       alimony, divisions of assets in divorce, the wedding industry, no-fault divorce,
            •  Dating after Divorce  •  Premarital Sex  legal representation in divorce, and economic independence as a factor in
            •  Gender Roles    •  Remarriage           separations/divorce); other divorce factors (infidelity, parenthood, illness,
            •  Intimate        •  Stepfamilies         domestic abuse, child abuse); and a host of other legal-cultural issues, factors,
              Partner Violence  •  Wedding Industry    and phenomena, both current and historical.
            •  LGBTQ Divorce
            •  Marriage and
              Parenthood                               •  More than 200 encyclopedia entries covering marriage, divorce,
                                                         relationships, and family life in America
                                                       •  Extensive coverage of broad demographic and socioeconomic trends in
            JAIMEE L. HARTENSTEIN , PhD, is associate    marriage and divorce
            professor of child and family development   •  Strong focus on the impact of marriage, divorce, and other changes in
            at the University of Central Missouri.       parental relationships on children and teens
                                                       •  Coverage of numerous aspects of the institutions of marriage and divorce,
                                                         from wedding vows and bridal registries to child support and legal expenses
                                                         associated with divorce

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