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             COMING SOON
            Global Dishes

            Favorite Meals from around the World
            Food is a great unifier. It is used to mark milestones or rites of passage. It is integral to the
            way we celebrate, connecting a familial and cultural past to the present through tradition.
            It bolsters the ill and soothes those in mourning. The dishes in this text are those that have
            come to be known within a part of the world and culture, but also have moved beyond
            those borders and are accessible and enjoyed by many in our ever-smaller and more-
            interconnected world.
            Featuring more than 100 recipes and detailed discussions of dishes from across the globe,   Greenwood
            Global Dishes: Favorite Meals from Around the World explores the history and cultural   May 2023, 361pp, 7x10
                                                                              Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7647-9
            context surrounding some of the best-known and favorite foods. The book covers national   $97.00, £72.00, €84,00
            dishes from more than 100 countries, including large nations like Mexico and small   eBook: 978-1-4408-7648-6
            countries like Macao. There is also coverage of foods beloved by indigenous peoples, such
            as the Sami of Scandinavia. Traditional favorites are offered as well as newer dishes.  CARYN E. NEUMANN  teaches at Miami
                                                                              University of Ohio Regionals.
                                                                              LORI L. PARKS  teaches at Miami University
            •  Provides readers with an understanding of why a country's national dish has
              such significance                                               of Ohio Regionals.
                                                                              JOEL G. PARKS , a graduate of the
            •  Includes more than 100 recipes for readers to test and enjoy
                                                                              New England Culinary Institute, has
            •  Organizes dishes alphabetically within geographical regions (Africa, Americas, Asia,   more than 29 years of experience
              Europe, Oceania)                                                in the restaurant business.
            •  Includes an overview, history and origins, preparations and variations, legacy and
              cultural significance, recipe, and further readings section with each national dish

             COMING SOON
            The History of Ukraine

            The Russia-Ukraine war that began in 2022 turned the world's attention on Ukraine, the
            second-largest country in Europe and one of the leading global exporters of wheat and
            other valuable commodities. Though some Russian leaders have long denied and continue
            to reject Ukrainian sovereignty, this book presents a comprehensive picture of Ukraine
            that is both intertwined with and distinct from Russian history. From its days as Kyivan
            Rus and its inclusion in the Russian Empire to the fall of the Soviet Union, the Euromaidan
            demonstrations, and the outbreak of war with Russia, Ukraine, as this book demonstrates,
            has developed its own identity, territory, and culture. With an up-to-date timeline of
            events, short biographies of contemporary and historical figures, and a useful annotated   Greenwood
                                                                              June 2023, 264pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
            bibliography, this book unpacks the historical claims and issues relevant to the conflict with  Hardcover: 978-1-4408-8045-2
            Russia and provides an accessible introduction to Ukraine and its peoples.  $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
                                                                              eBook: 978-1-4408-8046-9
            •  Gives an up-to-date and comprehensive history of Ukraine       PAUL KUBICEK  is professor of political
            •  New edition includes detailed coverage of Euromaidan and the Russia-Ukraine war  science and director of the international
            •  Provides a useful timeline and annotated bibliography of Ukrainian history  studies program at Oakland University. He
                                                                              has published extensively on European
            •  Provides short biographies of important contemporary and historical Ukrainians  political history and Ukrainian politics.

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