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                                                  COMING SOON                      COMING SOON
            Contemporary                        Voices of the                     Voices of World War I
                                                Afghanistan War
                                                                                  Contemporary Accounts
            World Issues                        Contemporary Accounts             of Daily Life

                                                of Daily Life                     PRISCILLA ROBERTS
            This award-winning series offers    BRIAN L. STEED AND
            comprehensive, one-volume reference   SHERI STEED, EDITORS
            handbooks on important topics related to
            health, education, the environment, and
            social and ethical issues.

            Twenty-four hour cable news. Millions of
            internet sites. Information overload. How can
            we sort through the information? Assess the
            analyses? Trust the sources?

            A world of questions demands a library                                Greenwood
            of answers. Contemporary World Issues                                 June 2023, 252pp, 8 1/2x11
                                                                                  Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7356-0
            covers the controversial topics that   Greenwood                      $109.00, £81.00, €94,00
            students, readers, and citizens want to read   April 2023, 315pp, 8 1/2x11  eBook: 978-1-4408-7357-7
            about, write about, and know more about.  Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7443-7
                                                $109.00, £81.00, €94,00           Bringing together a diverse collection
                                                eBook: 978-1-4408-7444-4
                                                                                  of primary source documents, this book
                                                The War in Afghanistan was the longest   illuminates the events and experiences
                                                military conflict in American history.   of World War I from a variety of
                                                In a diverse collection of primary   perspectives, from soldiers on the front
                                                documents, this book explores the   lines to civilians supporting the war
                                                evolving legacy of the war and its impact   effort at home.
                                                on the countless lives it changed forever.  FEATURES

                                                FEATURES                          •  Offers documents from a variety of
                                                •  Tells the story of the War in    perspectives, including the British,
                                                  Afghanistan from American and     Germans, Russians, and Americans;
                                                  Afghan perspectives               civilians and combatants; and well-
                                                                                    known leaders and everyday soldiers
                                                •  Includes political, diplomatic,
                                                  religious, social, cultural, and   •  Explores issues of race and gender
                                                  personal accounts of the war and   through the experiences of African
                                                  its lasting legacies              Americans and women during
                                                                                    World War I
                                                •  Reveals insights into the war
                                                  that many may know little or    •  Features sidebars that define glossary
                                                  nothing about                     terms and highlight interesting
                                                                                    supplemental information, enhancing
                                                                                    students' experience as they read
                                                BRIAN L. STEED  is a retired U.S. Army   •  Provides necessary contextual
                                                lieutenant colonel with more than   information and guiding questions
                                                30 years of civilian and uniformed
                                                experience.                         for each document
                                                SHERI STEED  is an editor, blogger, and
                                                professional organizer with step-by-  PRISCILLA ROBERTS,  PhD, is associate
                                                     professor of business at the City
                                                                                  University of Macau.

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