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                COMING SOON                      COMING SOON                       COMING SOON

              Food Insecurity                   Global Terrorism                  Income Inequality
              A Reference Handbook              A Reference Handbook              in America

              WILLIAM D. SCHANBACHER AND        STEVEN J. CHILDS                  A Reference Handbook
              WHITNEY FUNG UY
                                                                                  STACEY M. JONES AND
                                                                                  ROBERT S. RYCROFT

              ABC-CLIO                          August 2023, 350pp, 6x9
              February 2023, 350pp, 6x9         Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7825-1
              Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7839-8      $63.00, £47.00, €55,00            ABC-CLIO
              $63.00, £47.00, €55,00            eBook: 978-1-4408-7826-8          January 2023, 350pp, 6x9
              eBook: 978-1-4408-7840-4                                            Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6743-9
                                                                                  $63.00, £47.00, €55,00
                                                Global Terrorism: A Reference Handbook
              This comprehensive and authoritative   examines the evolution of global   eBook: 978-1-4408-6744-6
              all-in-one resource examines the issue   terrorism in the United States and   This book provides a one-stop resource
              of food insecurity in the United States,   beyond, including the people and   for understanding the full dimensions
              including the various economic, social,   groups who have perpetuated the worst   of income inequality in the United
              political, and cultural factors that drive   attacks and the people and agencies   States, including chief socioeconomic
              the problem.                      working to stop them.             drivers of inequality and proposals to

              FEATURES                          FEATURES                          reduce the widening gap between rich
              •  Includes graphs, charts, and primary   •  Tables, charts, and primary sources   and poor in America.
                documents offering different      provide different contextual vantage
                contextual vantage points for     points from which to view the issue  FEATURES
                understanding the severity of   •  Features personal and scholarly   •  Carefully documents historical events
                the issue                         perspectives on terrorism and the toll   and contemporary issues and trends
              •  Offers insightful personal and   it takes around the world         concerning income inequality
                scholarly perspectives on food   •  Profiles notorious terrorist   •  Discusses perspectives on income
                insecurity, people who suffer from   leaders and groups, as well as   inequality from important
                malnutrition or poor nutrition, and   counterterrorism agencies and figures   economists, lawmakers, activists,
                efforts to help them                                                and reformers from a diverse range
                                                  in the United States              of political, cultural, and economic
              •  Profiles influential individuals and   •  Identifies and explains key events,   backgrounds
                organizations working to combat   controversies, and belief systems that
                food insecurity                                                   •  Includes tables, figures, and primary
                                                  drive terrorism in different parts of   documents to increase understanding
                                                  the world                         of income inequality trend lines
              WILLIAM D. SCHANBACHER , PhD,
              is assistant professor of religious
              studies at the University of South   STEVEN J. CHILDS   is an associate   STACEY M. JONES , PhD, is a senior
              Florida, Tampa.                   professor in the department of political   instructor in the department of
                                                science at California State University,   economics of the Albers School
              WHITNEY FUNG UY  is a PhD graduate   San Bernardino, where he teaches in   of Business and Economics at
              from the University of South Florida   the national security studies program.  Seattle University.
              College of Public Health in Tampa, FL.
                                                                                  ROBERT S. RYCROFT , PhD, is professor
                                                                                  of economics at the University of
                                                                                  Mary Washington.
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