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             COMING SOON
            Guns in American Society

            An Encyclopedia of History, Politics,
            Culture, and the Law

            3RD EDITION | 3 VOLUMES


            More than 36,000 lives in the United States
            are lost to gun-related homicides, suicides,
            and accidents annually, and an additional
            100,000 Americans are injured by gunfire
            each year.

            Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the
            Law is a comprehensive and evenhanded three-volume reference resource for   December 2022, 1380pp, 7x10
                                                                           Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6773-6
            understanding all of the political, legal, and cultural factors that have swirled   $319.00, £237.00, €275,00
            around gun rights and gun control in America, past and present.  eBook: 978-1-4408-6774-3
            The encyclopedia draws on a vast array of research in criminology, history, law,
            medicine, politics, and social science. It covers all aspects of the issue: gun   SAMPLE T OPICS
            violence, including mass shootings in schools and other public spaces; gun   •  3D Gun Printing  •  No-Issue Jurisdiction
            control arguments and organizations; gun rights arguments and organizations;   •  Armed   •  Red Flag Laws
            the firearms industry; firearms regulation, legislation, and court decisions;   Teacher Policies  •  Sandy Hook
            gun subcultures (for example, hunters and collectors); leading opinion-  •  Bump Stocks  Shooting
            shapers on both sides of the gun debate; technological innovations in firearm   •  Crime Prevention   •  Small Arms Survey
            manufacturing; various types of firearms, from handguns to assault weapons;   Research Center  •  Technopolymers
            and evolving public attitudes toward guns. Many of these entries place the   •  Donald Trump
            topics in both historical and cross-cultural perspective.                         •  Terrorism Watchlist
                                                                           •  Everytown for    and Firearms
            FEATURES                                                         Gun Safety        Possession
            •  Serves as the most comprehensive single source on the gun issue published   •  Extreme Risk   •  Universal
              to date, drawing on a vast array of research in criminology, history, law,   Protection Orders  Background Checks
              medicine, politics, and social science in more than 400 entries  •  Las Vegas Shooting
            •  Places topics in historical, political, and cross-cultural perspective
            •  Carefully cross-references and appends entries with suggested readings,   JACLYN SCHILDKRAUT ,  PhD (Texas State
              representing the best of current scholarship                 University), is associate professor of criminal
            •  Provides a chronology of important events and developments related to   justice at the State University of New York (SUNY)
                                                                           at Oswego. She is a nationally recognized expert
              guns in American society                                     on mass shootings.
            •  Includes appendices on federal gun laws, state gun laws, and organizations   GREGG LEE CARTER , PhD (Columbia University),
              involved in gun debate (on both sides)                       is professor of sociology in the department of
                                                                           history and social sciences at Bryant University.
                                                                           He has written numerous books on guns in
                                                                           American society.

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