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                          CONTEMPORARY WORLD ISSUES

              Contemporary World Issues

              24-hour cable news. Millions of internet sites. Information overload. How can we sort through the information? Assess the analyses?
              Trust the sources?
              A world of questions demands a library of answers. Contemporary World Issues covers the controversial topics that students, readers,
              and citizens want to read about, write about, and know more about.

                COMING SOON                       COMING SOON                      COMING SOON
              Conspiracy Theories               Extremism in                      Domestic Terrorism

              A Reference Handbook              the Police                        A Reference Handbook

              JEFFREY B. WEBB                   A Reference Handbook              TOMISLAV HAN
                                                CARLA LEWANDOWSKI AND
                                                JEFF BUMGARNER

              ABC-CLIO                                                            ABC-CLIO
              August 2023, 350pp, 6x9                                             May 2023, 350pp, 6x9
              Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7770-4                                        Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7905-0
              $63.00, £47.00, €55,00            ABC-CLIO                          $63.00, £47.00, €55,00
              eBook: 978-1-4408-7771-1          June 2023, 350pp, 6x9             eBook: 978-1-4408-7906-7
                                                Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7931-9
                                                $63.00, £47.00, €55,00
              Provides a comprehensive guide to the   eBook: 978-1-4408-7932-6    This book offers insights into domestic
              history and current shape of conspiracy                             terrorism through a thorough definition
              theories in American life, including   An indispensable resource for students   and explanation of the topic, its history,
              the findings of research seeking to   and others, this book provides a   critical aspects, and current and
              understand their origins, type, function,   comprehensive and evenhanded   future trends.
              and widespread appeal.            summary of historical and contemporary   FEATURES
              FEATURES                          perspectives on ideological extremism in   •  Provides readers with vital historical
              •  Includes graphs, charts, and primary   law enforcement and its wider impacts   and current information on the forces
                documents offering different    on American society.                driving domestic terrorism and efforts
                contextual vantage points for                                       to protect the United States from
                understanding the origins, attraction,                              such acts
                and impact of conspiracy theories  CARLA LEWANDOWSKI , PhD, is
                                                associate professor of law and
                                                justice studies at Rowan University in   TOMISLAV HAN  holds a PhD in
              JEFFREY B. WEBB,  PhD, is professor   Glassboro, NJ.                intellectual history and is an author of
              of history at Huntington University in   JEFF BUMGARNER , PhD, is professor   reference works in history and political
              Huntington, IN. He is co-editor of ABC-  of criminal justice at North Dakota State   science. He specializes in political
              CLIO’s Conspiracies and Conspiracy   University in Fargo, ND.       philosophy and theory.
              Theories in American History.

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