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                                              School Libraries in a Time of Change

                                              How to Survive and Thrive
                                              KATHLEEN W. CRAVER
                                              During this time of rapid modernization of technology and educational reform, this book
                                              is a must-read for school librarians tasked with ensuring their libraries meet evolving
                                              standards. This title provides the research and organizational techniques and skills they
                                              need to gain seats at the table of the three power committees: technology, curricula, and
                                              strategic planning.
                                              School librarians need to collect and publicize national and local school-based evidence
                                              that shows the positive correlations between school librarians and student achievement.
            August 2019, 233pp, 7x10          Craver notes correlative sources and provides ideas to employ them to ensure that school
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-7308-9      librarians remain indispensable. In addition, acquiring technological skills and becoming
            $50.00, £38.00, €44,00            expert at their application are paramount for librarians. Even more important is the need
            eBook: 978-1-4408-7309-6
                                              for librarians to assume sole responsibility for designing and integrating information
                                              literacy and critical thinking skills throughout the curriculum. Craver analyzes studies that
            KATHLEEN W. CRAVER , PhD, is a
            school library consultant and former head   show students’ inability to discern fact from fiction, ads from news, and information bias
            librarian at National Cathedral School   in electronic information sources and recommends six actions that school librarians take
            in Washington, D.C.               to ensure that they become active participants in their future rather than its victims.
                                              •  School librarians will recognize the need to become future forecasters in an age
                                                of rapid technological change

                                              The Many Faces of School
                                              Library Leadership

                                              2ND EDITION | SHARON COATNEY AND VIOLET H. HARADA, EDITORS
                                               “ ideas and resources explored in the first edition…. Readers are provided
                                                 The editors and contributors do a competent job of expanding upon the

                                                a plethora of information on how to become a leader…. This book will be
                                                especially helpful for public school librarians, and those studying library
                                                and information studies.
                                                                                              —VOYA, August 3, 2017
                                              In today’s educational landscape, school librarians need to lead the way in many areas,
            March 2017, 184pp, 7x10
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-4897-1      including advocacy, literacy, technology, curriculum, vision, collaborative instruction, and
            $50.00, £38.00, €44,00            intellectual freedom. All of these areas are vital to building and sustaining a school library
            eBook: 978-1-4408-4898-8          program that enhances and encourages student achievement, as well as to providing
                                              enhanced services to students and faculty.
            SHARON COATNEY  is retired from her work   This revised edition of The Many Faces of School Library Leadership offers invaluable
            as a Kansas school librarian and senior   insights from recognized leaders in the field of school librarianship that detail leadership
            acquisitions editor at Libraries Unlimited.
            She is coeditor with Violet Harada of   roles embraced by accomplished practitioners and consider the research regarding best
            Libraries Unlimited’s Inquiry and the   practices. An essential read for practicing school librarians as well as for pre-service school
            Common Core: Librarians and Teachers   librarians, it offers today’s school librarians actionable advice for strengthening their roles,
            Designing Teaching for Learning.
                                              underlining their value, and protecting their future—all while boosting student learning
            VIOLET H. HARADA  is professor emeritus   and achievement. The expert guidance and perspectives in this book will bolster those who
            at the University of Hawaii. For 20 years,   are facing enormous challenges to meet them and allow school library staff to protect their
            she coordinated the school library
            specialization for the library and   jobs and to save school library programs from extinction.
            information science program.
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