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                                                Reference Skills for the School Librarian

                                              Tools and Tips
                                                4TH EDITION |  ANN MARLOW RIEDLING AND CYNTHIA HOUSTON

                                                This fourth edition of Reference Skills for the School Librarian: Tools and Tips acknowledges
                                              the vital importance of reference skills in school libraries. It focuses on new reference skills
                                              for school librarians and includes more online materials such as Webliographies and
                                              a glossary.
                                              Teaching reference skills and providing reference services to students and staff in schools
                                              are extremely important tasks and are required of librarians on a regular basis. Aimed at
             October 2019 ,  127pp ,  8 1/2x11   pre-service and in-service school librarians, this book covers all types of reference materials
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-6709-5      including almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and other standard information
             $50.00 ,  £38.00 ,  €44,00       sources, giving extra emphasis to the online sources to which students increasingly turn.
            eBook: 978-1-4408-6710-1
                                              This edition addresses more online reference resources than previous editions and offers
                                              practical suggestions for use in K–12 student instruction.
              ANN MARLOW RIEDLING , PhD, served as a
            professor at numerous universities for over     FEATURES
            30 years. She has served four Fulbrights and   •  Includes updated content in every chapter
            has written 18 books.
                                              •  Expands on online reference skills and resources
            CYNTHIA HOUSTON, MSLIS, PhD, is
            professor in the Libraries, Informatics, and   •  Explains how to combine online reference skills with student questioning skills
            Technology in Education program at  •  Offers librarians the chance to practice their skills with scenarios and exercises
            Western Kentucky University.

                                                Catalog It!

                                              A Guide to Cataloging School Library Materials
                                                3RD EDITION |     ALLISON G. KAPLAN
                                               “ for school library cataloging. ”
                                                 Catalog It! shines as an essential professional development resource

                                                                                      —Technicalities, November 14, 2016
                                                Since the last edition of this invaluable text was published, the library world has
                                              experienced a revolution in descriptive cataloging the likes of which has not been seen
                                              since the early 1980s. This updated, third edition of an established and well-respected
             December 2015 ,  230pp ,  8 1/2x11   guide makes it easy for you to stay in step with those monumental changes. The book will
            Paperback: 978-1-4408-3580-3
             $60.00 ,  £45.00 ,  €52,00       help you understand the latest fundamentals of cataloging so you can get items on the
            eBook: 978-1-4408-3581-0            library shelves quickly and efficiently.
                                              Every chapter has been revised. Changes in standards, including RDA and BISAC, that were
              ALLISON G. KAPLAN , EdD, is faculty   alluded to in the second edition are discussed in depth and illustrated with explanations,
            associate at the School of Library and   and sample problem sets are included so you can put theory into practice. In addition,
            Information Studies, the iSchool at the   the book provides you with clear headings for easy scanning as well as cheat sheets and
            University of Wisconsin-Madison.
                                              templates for creating records for book and non-book items. Previous editions of this text
                                              have been used by library practitioners and library and information science professors
                                              across the country because of its spot-on, easy-to-follow guidance on cataloging for school
                                              libraries. This new edition builds upon those strengths, adding everything you need to
                                              know about current, groundbreaking changes.

                                              •  Thoroughly updates a best-selling, essential guide to cataloging
                                              •  Addresses the new standards specifically as they apply to school libraries

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