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                                                 AND TOOLS                    SUBJECTMAIN1 / SUBJECTSUB1

            Librarian’s Guide to
            Online Searching

            Cultivating Database Skills for Research
            and Instruction


             “ and graduate students aiming to learn the art of searching
              This is a wonderful introductory textbook for undergraduate
              library databases and using search engines on the open Web.
              It is also very valuable for practitioners seeking to brush up
              on their searching skills. As someone who has used each prior
              version of this textbook for many years, I highly recommend
              this extremely useful book to students and faculty as well
              as to practicing librarians and information professionals
              more broadly. ”                                              June 2021, 371pp, 7x10
                    —Beth St. Jean, Associate Professor, College of Information Studies,   Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7873-2
                             University of Maryland, College Park, February 16, 2021  $80.00, £60.00, €69,00
                                                                           eBook: 978-1-4408-7824-4
                                                                           Paperback: 978-1-4408-7823-7
            An indispensable book for learning                             $60.00, £45.00, €52,00
            about databases.
                                                                           SAMPLE T OPICS
                                                                           •  Controlled      •  Google Search Tools
            Librarians need to know of existing databases, and they must be able to   Vocabularies
            teach search capabilities and strategies to library users. This practical guide   •  Database   •  Library Instruction
            introduces librarians to a broad spectrum of fee-based and freely available   Instruction  •  Licensing Databases
            databases and explains how to teach them.                                         •  User Behaviors
                                                                           •  Database Interfaces
            The updated 6th edition of this well-regarded text covers new databases on   •  Database Searching  •  Web-Scale
                                                                                               Discovery Tools
            the market as well as updates to older databases. It also explains underlying   •  Evaluating
            information structures and demonstrates how to search most effectively. It   Databases
            introduces readers to several recent changes, such as the move away from
            metadata-based indexing to full text indexing by vendors covering newspaper
            content. Business databases receive greater emphasis.
                                                                           CHRISTOPHER C. BROWN , professor,
            As in the previous edition, this book takes a real-world approach, covering   is reference librarian and coordinator of
            topics from basic and advanced search tools to online subject databases. Each   government documents at the University of
            chapter includes a thorough discussion, a recap, concrete examples, exercises,   Denver, Main Library.
            and points to consider, making it an ideal text for courses in database
            searching as well as a trustworthy professional resource.
            •  Helps librarians and students understand the latest developments
              in library databases
            •  Looks not only at textual databases but also numerical, image, video, and
              social media resources
            •  Includes changes and trends in database functionality since the 5th edition

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