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             COMING SOON
            Library Programs and Services

            The Fundamentals

            The ninth edition of Library Programs and Services: The Fundamentals builds on the
            strong foundation of the previous editions. Award-winning and widely published author
            G. Edward Evans returns with a new co-author, Stacey Greenwell, in this update that
            combines their signature style of textbook readability, informality, and sometimes humor,
            as well as their knack for balancing foundational topics and new trends.
            A new feature in the ninth edition is the incorporation of the concept of “library social
            work” through “Social Work Connections” sidebars in each chapter. Anecdotes throughout   April 2023, 360pp, 7x10
            the text and “Career Tip” sidebars offer practical advice and specific current examples.   Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7998-2
                                                                              $95.00, £71.00, €82,00
            Greenwell and Evans have combined several chapters from the previous edition and   eBook: 978-1-4408-7870-1
            expanded discussions of new trends while retaining and updating the fundamentals.   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7869-5
            The ninth edition is a welcome update for library and information science courses and   $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
            a valuable handbook for public services librarians.
                                                                              STACEY GREENWELL , EdD, is the
            FEATURES                                                          coordinator of educational services and an
            •  The ninth edition includes updates throughout, anecdotes, career tips, and   instructional designer at the University of
              references to “library social work” in each chapter             Kentucky Libraries, and she provides liaison
            •  This popular textbook covers a wide range of services in all types of libraries  support to the School of Information Science
                                                                              and the Lewis Honors College.
            •  Works as a handbook for public service librarians
                                                                              G. EDWARD EVANS , PhD, is a semi-retired,
                                                                              award-winning author and Fulbright Scholar.
                                                                              He retired from full-time work as associate
                                                                              academic vice president for libraries and
                                                                              information resources at Loyola
                                                                              Marymount University.


            Art and Technique
             “ cultural appropriation) and an expanded attention to core concepts,
              Significantly updated with new content (such as digital storytelling and

              Del Negro’s fifth edition of the classic storytelling textbook remains an
              enduring staple for LIS coursework and curious practitioners. ”
                                     —Jamie Campbell Naidoo, PhD, Foster-EBSCO Professor,
                                            University of Alabama, SLIS, February 26, 2021
            Storytelling: Art and Technique serves professors, students, and practitioners alike as a
            textbook, reference, and professional guide. It provides practical instruction and concrete   June 2021, 449pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
            examples of how to use the power of story to build literacy and presentation skills, as well   Paperback: 978-1-4408-7208-2
            as to create community in those same educational spaces.          $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
                                                                              eBook: 978-1-4408-7209-9
            •  Offers readers a thorough overview of the role of story and storytelling in the library  JANICE M. DEL NEGRO , PhD, is tenured
            •  Gives a convincing argument for the value of storytelling      associate professor at the Graduate School
                                                                              of Library and Information Science at
            •  Provides practical tips on selecting, preparing, and telling stories  Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

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