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                                                                              SUBJECTMAIN1 / SUBJECTSUB1

            Instructional Design for

            LIS Professionals

            A Guide for Teaching Librarians and
            Information Science Professionals

            MELISSA A. WONG
             “ following in Geoffrey Chaucer’s footsteps who would gladly learn and
              This practical, straightforward guide is highly recommended for those
                         ”                            —Library Journal, August 1, 2019
              gladly teach.

            Many librarians are thrust into positions where they are asked to teach colleagues. Others   May 2019, 280pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
            choose to share their knowledge and experience by preparing the next generation of   Paperback: 978-1-4408-6713-2
                                                                              $85.00, £63.00, €74,00
            librarians in graduate programs. However, few such librarians have received any formal   eBook: 978-1-4408-6714-9
            education in instructional design. In this book, Melissa A. Wong, an expert instructional
            designer, helps information professionals to prepare for their roles as teachers of current   MELISSA A. WONG  has been an adjunct
            and future librarians.                                            instructor at the University of Illinois at
                                                                              Urbana-Champaign Graduate School of
            FEATURES                                                          Library and Information Science since
            •  Faculty and librarians new to teaching will appreciate the concise, practical advice for   2001 and currently teaches courses in
              designing courses for effective learning                        instruction, eLearning, reference, and
            •  All faculty will appreciate tips on authentic assignment design and effective feedback,   academic librarianship.
              engaging and supporting students, and managing their workload
            •  The book has a unique focus on teaching graduate students and adults in the LIS field

            Transforming Information
            Literacy Instruction

            Threshold Concepts in Theory and Practice

             “ offer academic librarians involved in the design and delivery of information
              ...Hofer, Lin Hanick, and Townsend have produced a book with much to
                             ”                  —Public Services Quarterly, June 4, 2019
              literacy instruction.

            A model that emerged from the Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments project in
            Great Britain, threshold concepts are those transformative core ideas and processes in a   November 2018, 255pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
            given discipline that define the ways of thinking and practicing shared by experts. Once   Paperback: 978-1-4408-4166-8
            a learner grasps a threshold concept, new pathways to understanding and learning are   $65.00, £49.00, €57,00
            opened up. The authors of this book provide readers with both a substantial introduction   eBook: 978-1-4408-4167-5
            to and a working knowledge of this emerging theory and then describe how it can be
            adapted for local information literacy instruction contexts.      AMY R. HOFER , MLIS, is coordinator of
                                                                              Statewide Open Education Library Services
            Five threshold concepts are presented and covered in depth within the context of how   at Open Oregon Educational Resources.
            they relate and connect to each other. The chapters offer an in-depth explanation of   SILVIA LIN HANICK , MLIS, MA, is the first
            the threshold concepts model and identify how it relates to various disciplines (and our   year experience librarian and an assistant
            own discipline, information science) and to the understandings we want our students   professor at LaGuardia Community College,
            to acquire. This text will benefit readers in these primary audiences: academic librarians   a CUNY institution.
            involved with information literacy efforts at their institutions, faculty teaching in higher   LORI TOWNSEND , MLIS, is learning services
                                                                              coordinator and an associate professor for
            education, upper-level college administrators involved in academic accreditation, and high   the University Libraries at the University of
            school librarians working with college-bound students.            New Mexico (UNM).
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